Jazz Band Masterclass Core Values

1) We are about creating Direction and Fulfillment in peoples lives. Their family, their career, their investments may feed them and carry them, but music was their first love. And still is. We stand for helping people feel alive by connecting with that first love, refocusing on their dreams by developing ability and unleashing their innate creativity.

2) Authenticity is our goal. The world doesn’t need more perfection, it longs for an authentic expression, and we guide our students towards finding this. It is what all of our hero’s gave us – the imperfect tone of Miles Davis and Billie Holiday, Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson. We love “imperfect.”

3) Growth over aptitude is what we embrace. Talent and aptitude are nice, but they aren’t particularly necessary on this path. Great leadership, steady focus, and artful direction trumps innate talent almost every time.

4) Communication and Interaction is at the heart and soul of jazz and improvisation. We bring together like minds, those who have something to give and share. We create a forum for adult musicians, and give them the tools to achieve real musical communication. We love facilitating interaction, in music and in life.