We Are A Bit Upset, And What We Aim To Do About It.

We feel strongly that musicians are some of the most intelligent,
highly trained and deeply skilled people on earth. Musicians and jazz educators
absolutely don’t get paid what they are worth, but we aren’t going to waste our time
railing against society for not appreciating us like they do NBA players. We are more
interested in providing a path to lift up our fellow musicians, and show them a way to
compete. A way to work hard, make some great music, and join the party.

Income Levels for Musicians & Teachers – 2015


We are bugged at the amount that typical musicians and jazz educators earn.
As you can see in the graph above, Jazz Band Masterclass Teacher Training shows
you a potential path to get you earning a heck of a lot more than
most musicians you know. And doing it in as much time as you care to
commit, on your own terms.

If you are feeling bugged too, JBM Teacher Training might be a good fit for you.
Look over the FAQ’s, and Contact us. We’d love to help you level up.